Photo Biotech Laser Aesthetic Clinic Franchise and Affiliate Program

    • Medical Franchise, MedSpa Franchise, or Spa Franchise Options
    • Open a stand-alone clinic or convert an existing space.
    • Royalty or profit share models available.
    • Cash requirement between $50,000-$250,000.
    • Financing is available at low interest rates or profit sharing.
    • Space requirement 500 square feet and up.
    • Start small and scale up.
    • Photo Biotech: The only manufacturer with a comprehensive and balanced range of high tech aesthetic anti-aging equipment. Resulting in ultra fast and effective non-invasive aesthetic anti-aging treatments.

    Start Up Support

    • Marketing Strategy 12 Month Outline Included
    • Print Media Kit Included
    • Referral “Find a Clinic” Program Included
    • Website
    • Search Engine Optimization Level 1&2 Included
    • Public Relations & Press Release Advisory Support
    • Social Media Campaigns Support Available
    • Full Certification Program Included
    • Full Onsite Training
    • Soft Launch Advisory Support
    • Grand Opening Advisory Support
    • Interior Design Subject to Floorplan
    • Furnishings Subject to Floorplan
    • Marketing Support


    Financing Support

    • 12 – 60-month term
    • Up to $1.5 million in financing
    • Rates as low as 2.7% per annum
    • Working Capital Available*
    • Preferred profit share financing models available60-40% or 75-25%

    Photo Medicine – Photo Therapy — Cellular Photo Bio-Stimulation

    History and early development of Photo Biotech, derive from the manufacturing of laser aesthetic technology,photo-therapy, photo-medicine, pain therapy/management and compatible electromagnetic technology. The discipline gravitates around cell-regeneration, DNA re-programming to encourage and influence a pre-existing youthful state of bio-molecular activity.

    Technology and the Influence/on Anti-Aging

    Aging is achieved by a cycle of different biochemical procedures in the body that influence it, both internally and externally. These biochemical procedures cause the body to degenerate over a time frame, affecting the well being, wellness and physical appearance of an aging person. Anti-aging is delay, stop or retard the aging process. Recently, there has been significant increase in anti-aging phenomenon.

    • Global demand for anti-aging market was valued at USD 140.3 billion in 2015,
    • Average revenues per facility – $1.8 million subject to services
    • 18% growth per year
    • The market is driven by laser machine technology advances, which achieve results almost as good as cosmetic surgery, but are less invasive or non-invasive.
    • Americans spent $15 billion on cosmetic non-invasive procedures in 2017.
    • 12 million cosmetic non-invasive procedures were performed
    • Females account for 83% of med spa clients
    • The share of men clientele is growing
    • Aging Baby Boomers are fueling continued growth.